Appreciation Gift Box + #BoxedbyDami Gift Shoppe

I am well aware that I can't do what I do without the help of so many creative partners. From planners to print shops to my #BYDAMI team who take care of design, social media, and so much more!  in all honesty,  we have experienced real growth in the last couple of years because we are blessed with the best. So about 4 years ago I decided to begin a culture of sending thank you gifts at the end of the year. when people invest in you or support you, that is the least that you can do (Now might be a good time to share that my love language is gifting. But I actually don't care too much for generic store bought gifts. I LOVE intentional gifts like handwritten cards, photobooks, and all things personalized lol)

Since I don't get the opportunity to design much for myself, I made a decision to use the year end gifting as an opportunity to create new products (last year we created fans and a fun 3d-ish box, see HERE ) that will be added to our offerings. that way we kill many birds with one stone. 

So for our 2017 partners we created a box theme, Write the Vision, Make it plain. I chose this theme because it is quite personal to me. At any given time I have at least 4 journals at once. I write down everything - goals, prayers, schedules, to do, every single thing lol - because I feel like writing things down is the first step to making it happen. It is out of my head and now an actual "tangible thing."

It was a no brainer to do a journal. We also included a bookmark, a game board and chocolate treats. The journals are currently listed in our online gift shoppe if you are interested in getting one!

The main box is an all black acrylic box with green foil text stamped on it. The interior of the box features velvet interior and a hidden base compartment - which is most definitely my favorite part. below are several images of our 2017 gifting and you can check out an unboxing video here.

I am excited to announce that with the latest box we designed our shoppe is officially open. The feedback our journals have received has been unreal so we have them ready to order right now! Simply hit shop in the menu bar. We will be updating the gift shoppe all year long so be sure to visit as often as you like :)

With love,