2016: year in review

2016 was an awesome year for parchment by dami! We got to be part of so many awesome projects, collaborated with so many industry giants and so much more! I would like to coin the year as the year of menus! simply because our brides did not come to play!

Menus now serve as part of your tablescape decor and can be so incredibly elaborate. We moved from simple cards to more intricate designs with lots of fun and luxury printing methods. i look forward to doing a lot more exciting menus in 2017!

in 2016,  we launched our signature #lettersbydami engagement letters. They are traditional engagement letters used during traditional yoruba engagement ceremonies. the marriage proposal letter is used by the groom's family to request the hand of the bride in marriage. While the marriage acceptance letter is presented to the groom's family from the bride's family in acceptance of their request. here are some of the letters we were lucky to create for our clients this year.


Finally, in 2016 we launched our sister company, clutched by dami. Which is all about custom crystal clutches. It was birthed out my love for all things personalized and keepsakes. these clutches are completely customizable and has truly been the highlight of my year!


We are excited to introduce something especially for brides under clutched by dami in the coming year! I love this image of a true new orleans couple and their personalized street car clutch. stay tuned ;)


thanks so much for all the love and support in 2016, we are looking forward to an excellent 2017!

With Love,